How Does an Intervention Help?

Are you or someone you care about struggling with substance abuse? Often when someone is addicted to a drug or alcohol they may be very resistant to the idea of getting treatment for their problem. If you have noticed that they are having relationship issues, job issues, legal troubles, financial troubles and more then these are signs that they may have a problem. You may not be sure that addiction is to blame but you should speak to a professional at (804) 210-7244. If you know that substance abuse is to blame for their recent troubles but they are not willing to accept help or go to treatment then an intervention could save their life. Addicts and Alcoholics are often hesitant to agree to treatment because admitting that they have a problem and stopping the use of what keeps them from getting sick because of physical dependence is scary. In an intervention it is important to not cause the person to feel attacked but instead state your love and concern for the person. If your message is delivered from a standpoint of love and compassion then the addict is more likely to accept treatment and help for their problem.

How Do I Host an Intervention? What If it Goes Wrong?

It is usually recommended to get professional help for an intervention because there is a lot riding on the correct delivery. By calling us at (804) 210-7244 we can help you find an interventionist that will travel to you or one in your home town. In any intervention the addict or alcoholic may come up with many reasons why they cannot attend a treatment program or take the time out to get help for themselves. Some of the reasons they may state are their job, children, family, money restraints, insurance, and other responsibilities. It is imperative to understand that getting help for substance abuse is more than anything else they have going on because they will lose all of that without it. An interventionist can help you plan out the answers to these issues beforehand so that the addict or alcoholic doesn’t have a reason as to why they cannot go to treatment. Family relationships are often strained during the period where the addict or alcoholic is using and tempers may get heated during an intervention. A trained interventionist can help you through the process and ensure that the love and caring behind your emotions are conveyed effectively and the addict does not feel attacked. For professional help start by calling (804) 210-7244. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get them treatment. Start today!

An Intervention is NOT Treatment

It is important to know that planning and executing an intervention is just the beginning of the recovery process. If your loved one accepts that they have an issue and need help then you should not wait to get them to a treatment facility to start their recovery as soon as possible. Accepting treatment is a scary proposition and if you allow them to wait then the addict or alcoholic may change their mind. An interventionist can help you figure out the options beforehand and have treatment facilities ready for your loved one to travel to as soon as they agree to get help for their problem. Call us now to speak to a professional about getting a plan in place to give your loved one the best chance at successful recovery.