The Widespread Devastation of Addiction

Substance abuse affects more than just the person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addiction can touches every person in the addict’s life in one way or another. The addict’s relationships with their family and their friends can be affected. There is also a strain on society but people addicted to drugs through criminal activity, violence. Even those who usually aren’t prone to violence and can become used to that lifestyle to support their drug habbit. Addiction and substance abuse can have serious health affects due to years of malnutrition, transmission of diseases, heart disease, brain damage, central nervous system damage, lasting psychological disorders and even death. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction then you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out and get help at any time. Even if you think that your loved one is just beginning to get into their addiction, you should not wait to call us and get help for them. Call now at (757) 209-2688 to talk to a recovery professional about the options for treatment.

What is the Goal of Addiction Treatment?

There are so many different facilities available to choose from so finding the facility that is going to have the right treatment for you is important. With the large variety of treatment methods that are used at rehabilitation centers across the U.S. you may think that one center that worked for one person may work for you when a separate facility has treatment modalities that would work better for you. At Drug Rehab Richmond our addiction specialists can help you weigh out all of the options and figure out your next move. We are here to help you make the tough choices in your time of need so that you or your loved one can get the help that is imperative. Some of the therapies that are common at treatment centers to address co-occurring disorders are equine-therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, individual and group therapy to process through current issues and strength and yoga therapy. Is is important to find a facility that is going to treat both the body and the mind and provide methods of working through future issues and not feel the ned to use or drink because of them. Some programs may be based on the 12-step model of recovery or may use other models such as SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, LifeRing, Moderation Management and Women for Sobriety. Talk to a professional at (804) 210-7244 to figure out what is the best approach for you or your loved one.

The Right Treatment for Lasting Recovery

If you need to find treatment for you or your loved one then the first step should be reaching out to a professional by calling (804) 210-7244 to create a plan for your successful completion of treatment. It is a good idea to be open to the idea of getting out of state treatment so that you can get out of the area where you used or drank and away from possible triggers to relapse. We can help you weigh all of the options. After detoxification and inpatient treatment it is imperative to have an after care plan in place. The best options for successful long term recovery are sober living and transitional living environments to continue on the right path with the freedom to start rebuilding financial security and making amends. Those who have a plan in place are more likely to maintain their sobriety and continue a better quality of life.